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Judge’s Comments…

     Christopher Arthur McDaniels is a precocious 11 year old boy.  He means well, yet somehow he appears to find more than his share of trouble.  While he always seems to have the best explanations, calamity seems to find him at every turn.  Fortunately

for Christopher (or not so fortunately, depending on how one might look at the situation), his mother is a judge and his father is an attorney.  Subsequently, he is put on trial in his home almost daily.  The consequences of his actions usually amount to doing "hard time" in his bedroom in solitary confinement.

      Christopher is a lovable louse.  His wit and charm don't seem to do much to get him out of trouble, yet he continues to take his lumps as he struggles to do better the next time.  Author Marc Kuhn has created a genuinely likable cast of characters in this deliciously amusing book which is sure to engage even the most reluctant of readers.  This book is highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

The 11th Year of Christopher Arthur McDaniels by Marc Kuhn is an excellent story following an 11-year-old boy that is engrossing and entertaining. Kids will relate and adults will be taken back to another time and place. Well done….Christopher has an engaging and

Interesting personality and readers will be able to relate to his situation. The dialogue and voice is natural. Christopher has a good heart and is the kind of friend everyone would want to have, whether kid or adult. Nice work.

“This was one of the funniest books I have ever read.  My little brother loved it too  Christopher reminds me of him—always in some sort of crazy trouble.”         …Maddie D., 11