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Christopher Arthur McDaniels is a typical 6th grader who just happens to have a propensity for calamity.  His day-to-day travels are strewn with obstacles and detours that confront him with one predicament after another or take him places he has no business going.  As a result, Christopher is always in some kind of dilemma and paying the price.  It’s here that Christopher’s life is a bit different from most kids.  His parents both work in the criminal-justice system.  His father is a prosecuting attorney and his mother—get this—is a judge.


When most kids do something wrong, one or both parents dish out some kind of penalty and the kid pays his dues.  In Christopher’s house, family court is held in the kitchen and his cases are routinely brought before Judge Mom and Prosecutor Dad.  The outcome is almost always the same and when the verdict is read it simply says, “Christopher Arthur McDaniels, go to your room.”


About the Book

Christopher’s teachers, meanwhile, have concluded he is unlike the other troublesome students.  They say Christopher doesn’t have issues; instead, he has situations.  If you are an 8-to-12 year old, it is these situations that will pull you in, tug your heart and have you cheering for Christopher as he attempts to reach his 12th year with as few bruises and as little time served as possible.  Good luck to all with that!